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Founded in 2017, the Canadian University Men's Rugby Championship (CUMRC) tournament pits representative universities from Western Canada, Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes in an 8-team, 12-game competition to win the Spence McTavish Cup, emblematic of the top university men's rugby 15s team in Canada.

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The 2021 CUMRC tournament will be hosted by Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario from November 24-28, 2021.



The 2020 CUMRC was awarded to Queen's University in Kingston, On and was to be held November 25-29, 2020. Due to COVID-19 complications, the U SPORTS as well as OUA, AUS, Canada West and RSEQ fall rugby seasons and Championships were cancelled, so too the 2020 CUMRC.



The  2019 Championship was held at Concordia University,  in Montreal, QC, November 20-24, 2019. 

The 2019 Organizing Committee consists of founders Jeff Chan (Chairman) , Mike Holmes, Keith Labbett, and Doug Tate, plus Gareth Rees (Rugby Canada),  Bill Webb (Founder of the Toronto Arrows), Graeme McGravie (Concordia), Clay Panga (Canadian Rugby Foundation) and Craig Beemer (Concordia)

The 2019 Advisory Group of coaches is chaired by Craig Beemer, head coach of the host Concordia Stingers, and includes representatives from BC, the Prairies, Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes. 

The 8 teams at the 2019 CUMRC are:

West: UBC and UVic

Ontario: Queen's, Guelph, and Brock

Quebec: Concordia and McGill 

Maritimes: UNB


Quarter-final Games:

1. UVic 48, UNB 0

2. Queen's 36, McGill 10

3. UBC 56, Brock 10

4.  Concordia 10, Guelph 7

Consolation Semi-finals:

5. McGill 50, UNB 5

6. Brock 19, Guelph 8

Championship Semi-finals:

7. UVic 14, Queen's 8

8. UBC 22, Concordia 18

7th Place Game:

9. Guelph 79, UNB 5

5th Place Game:

10. Brock 26, McGill 14

Bronze Medal Game:

11. Queen's 31, Concordia 22

Gold Medal Game:

12. UVic 21, UBC 20


Gold: UVic Vikes

Silver: UBC Thunderbirds

Bronze: Queen's Gaels


The 2019 CUMRC Presenting Sponsors are the Canadian Rugby Foundation and the Toronto Arrows, both strong supporters from our 2017 founding.

Additional key sponsors and donors include Langara Fishing Adventures, Pemberton Holmes Real Estate/ Mike Holmes, Roger Gay, Chris Lasher, and Jeff Chan/Growth Alchemy Group.

Partners: Rugby Canada, and Concordia University


2018 Canadian University All Stars vs. USA Collegiate All Americans

The inaugural match-up between the Canadian and American university All Stars was held July 27, 2018 at Infinity Park in Glendale, Colorado. The Canadian team comprised members of the 2017 CUMRC Dream Team, augmented by additional players from other Canadian universities, and were led by Head Coach Dave Butcher from Queen's, and Assistant Coach Cory Hector from Guelph.

After the All Americans jumped out to an early lead,  the Canadians fought back and briefly took the lead before a last minute US try made the final score 23-22.

The return game will be hosted by Canada in the summer of 2020, date and location to be determined. The 2019 CUMRC First and Second Team All Stars will form the core of the pool from which the Canadian side will be selected to play the All Americans.



The 2018 championship was hosted by the University of Victoria, in Victoria, BC November 21-25, 2018.


GOLD MEDAL: UBC Thunderbirds

SILVER MEDAL: Queen's Gaels


4TH PLACE: Concordia Stingers

5TH PLACE: Guelph Gryphons

6TH PLACE: UNB Ironmen


Game #1: UBC 41, Concordia 8

Game #2: Queen's 76, UNB 5

Game #3: UBC 34, Guelph 7

Game #4: Queen's 15, UVic 8

Game #5: Concordia 19, Guelph 5

Game #6: UVic 69, UNB 0

5th Place Game: Guelph 62, UNB 14

Bronze Medal Game: UVic 34, Concordia 21

Gold Medal Game: UBC 21, Queen's 10

The 2018 Organizing Committee consisted of Mike Holmes (Chairman), Jeff Chan, Cory Hector, Keith Labbett, Gareth Rees, Paul-Henri van Thiel, and John Thomas.

A new Advisory Group was assembled with four coaches representing Western Canada, Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes. The Group members are:

• Chair: Cory Hector (Guelph)

• West: Dave Brown (UBC)

• Ontario: Dave Butcher (Queen's)

• Quebec: Charles Goode (Bishop's)

• Maritimes: Ed Harty (St. FX)

The Key Partners for 2018 are the University of Victoria (Host), Canadian Rugby Foundation, and Rugby Canada.

Title SponsorMitsubishi Motors and Carson Automotive in Victoria, BC

Corporate Sponsors: Pemberton Holmes Ltd., Canadian Rugby Foundation, Langara Fishing Lodge.



The 2017 championship was hosted by the University of Guelph November 16 - 19.

FIELD:  2017 CUMRC tournament participants were:

• UBC Thuderbirds

• UVic Vikes

• Guelph Gryphons

• McMaster Marauders

• Concordia Stingers

• UPEI Panthers


Game #1: UBC 46 - Concordia 0

Game #2: Guelph 66 - UPEI 0

Game #3: McMaster 38 - Concordia 11

Game #4: UVic 95 - UPEI 0

Game #5: UBC 38 - McMaster 6

Game #6: UVic 11 - Guelph 11

Bronze Medal Game: McMaster 28 - Guelph 3

Gold Medal Game: UBC 37 - UVic 12


• Gold - UBC Thunderbirds

• Silver - UVic Vikes

• Bronze - McMaster Marauders

Founders: The Championship founding Organizing Committee were Jeff Chan (Co-chair),  Mike Holmes,  Keith Labbett (Co-chair) and Doug Tate.

Key Partners were the host University of Guelph and Rugby Canada.

Key Sponsors were the Canadian Rugby Foundation, Pemberton Holmes, Langara Fishing Lodge, Growth Alchemy Group, and Rugby Canada.

All photos on this site are Copyright © Jeff Chan, unless otherwise noted, and may be used for personal non-commercial applications including by Rugby Canada, and the participating schools, so long as photo credits are shown or the photos are otherwise attributed to Jeff Chan.

All other rights, including for all corporate and media use, are strictly reserved.

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